Unit Management


Cloning can be useful when you're looking to duplicate your Unit to share with another instructor or prepare for a new delivery of the same Unit. Cloning a Unit will create a copy of every session, activity and poll question (minus all the responses from participants). Just note that your participant groups and collaborators will not be copied over to the new Unit either.


Archiving a Unit allows you to de-clutter your screen by removing past units from the Units sidebar. Just a heads up - when you archive a Unit it will be archived for all of your collaborators too. You can unarchive a Unit at any time by clicking Archive in the left side navigation bar.


Of course, you can always delete a Unit if it's no longer needed. Please be aware that this action is permanent and cannot be undone. If you have done this accidentally, send us an email at info@flux.qa and we'll do our best to recover your data.

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