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Make FLUX work just how you like it using the Settings page in the FLUX app!

Automatically end sessions

By default, session run for 2 hours before automatically ending - preventing further responses or interactions from your participants. You can change this default 2 hour time window or remove it completely by selecting the option you'd like from the drop-down menu.

Hide poll results by default

It's common for participants who don't know an answer to simply choose whichever option is most popular. This behavior can be unwelcome when marks are involved so we've added an option for you to "hide" poll results by default. This will let you collect responses without showing your participants the results until after you've stopped the poll.

Question limit

To prevent a rogue participant filling the Q&A with nonsense, we limit participants to 1 question by default. This number can be increased if you feel you can trust your participants to keep the Q&A constructive.

Exclude answered questions from limit

By default, questions you've marked as "answered" are excluded from a participant's question limit. That is, if a participant asked "What is the meaning of life?" and, after responding, you marked the question as "answered", the participant would then be free to ask another question. If you'd like, you can turn off this behavior by unchecking "Exclude answered questions from limit".

View synchronization

View synchronization allows you to use your phone as a remote control when running FLUX on another device. For example, you may want to run a few polls on a big screen in front of a class and, with view synchronization enabled, you can control what's displayed on the big screen from your phone.

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