Using FLUX with Zoom

We asked some top teachers how they've been using FLUX to create student-centered learning experiences via Zoom and shared their responses below.

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1. Take Polling Breaks

Consider incorporating breaks (approx. 2-3 times) in your session to run a poll. This not only increases participation and engagement but also gives your participants a break from the call and, in turn, helps them re-focus.

2. Long Running Polls

Keeping polls open for the week allows participants watching the recorded sessions to answer at their own pace, providing higher levels of flexibility and making learning more accessible.

You can do this by clicking the "Schedule" and setting the "End Date" to the end of the week.

We suggest that you create a separate participant group for the asynchronous cohort. This way you can provide marks to participants in the live session for attempting questions while providing marks to participants who watch the recorded session only for correct answers. This encourages genuine engagement with the recorded sessions.

3. Anonymous Q&A

To encourage interaction with the lecture material in real time, you might choose to run a Q&A activity. This will allow participants to ask questions anonymously* and vote for questions that they want prioritized. These questions can be answered live over Zoom during the polling breaks or at the end of a session.

A live Q&A lets you gauge your participants’ current understanding of the material, enabling you to correct any miscommunication or identify any difficult topics that need more time. It can also create a sense of community among your cohort and lessen feelings of isolation.

Note: As an instructor you can see their names if you choose to.

4. Share Your Screen

When running a free text or word cloud poll, you can use Zoom's "Share Screen" feature to show participants the responses as they arrive. This can be a fun way to introduce FLUX to participants and increase social presence.

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