How do I preview my polls to see what my participants will see?

  1. Click START SESSION in the top right corner of the session scene.
  2. Click START on the poll you'd like to preview.
  3. Click the question mark button next to the START SESSION button to show the join instructions.
  4. Click the link (e.g. flux.qa/ABC123) in the right sidebar to see the poll as your participants will.

How do I share my unit with my teaching team?

  1. Make sure both you and your colleague have logged into FLUX at least once with your organization email.
  2. Click on the green "Collaborators" icon from the main unit screen.
  3. Click the pink plus button in the top right corner
  4. Enter your colleague's name into the box that pops up and then click add.

Why can’t I add my tutors as collaborators?

You tutors' accounts are probably designated as student accounts by your institution. Check that they are using their staff accounts. If they are, ask them to sign up at flux.qa/sign-up before trying to add them again.

I’m using the Suggestion Box and I'd like my participants to be able to see and upvote each others' suggestions. How do I do this?

For this we would recommend creating a Suggestion type poll rather than using the Anonymous Suggestion Box activity. To create a Suggestion poll:

  1. Click the plus tab at the top of your session
  2. Add the Polls activity by clicking "Make a Poll"
  3. Select the "Suggestions" poll type and enter a question
  4. You can also click and drag the Anonymous Suggestion Box tab to the bottom of the screen to remove it if you'd like.

How do I duplicate a session to run with another group?

If you're looking to run the same session with one or more groups of students, you can create a new "participant group".

You can create a participant group by:

  1. Clicking the blue "Participants" button on the main unit page.
  2. Clicking the pink button in the top right corner
  3. Providing a group name (e.g. Wednesday 3pm Students)

Each group you create will have it's own unique code that participants can use to join the group.

How do I share my polls with multiple repeat session run by multiple instructors?

The best way to handle this is to click the blue Participants button on the main unit screen and then the pink plus in the top right to add a group for each class.

Next you can add your co-instructors by clicking the green Collaborators button and then clicking the pink plus to add each of your instructors.

Once you've set these two things up, your collaborators will all have access to your FLUX sessions. From here, you can run sessions as you would for a single group - FLUX will ask you which group you'd like to run the session with before you begin.

How do I remove an activity tab from a session?

To remove the Q&A tab you can click and drag the tab to the red "delete" section at the bottom of the screen.

How do I use LaTeX or code?

Anything written between $$ two dollar $$ signs will be converted to LaTeX.

To write code you can create use single `backticks` for inline code and triple ```backticks``` for blocks of code.

How do I leave a poll open for several days?

You can leave a poll open for as long as you want by:

  1. Clicking the clock icon next the the big pink START SESSION button in the top right.
  2. Setting a date and time for the session to automatically end.
  3. Making sure you've clicked START on the polls you'd like to keep open.

So long as you have the session scheduled and your polls started, your participants will be able to answer. There's no need to keep your browser open.

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