FLUX is an interactive learning tool that improves student engagement. Loved by students and teachers alike, it’s the ideal tool to gauge student understanding.

See why more and more instructors are using FLUX as part of their regular teaching.

A class of students using technology to engage and learn in a university lecture

More than your average
Audience Response System

Open Q&A during class

Through FLUX, students can post questions for further clarification. Address issues as they arise, or even after class. Easy to use moderation tools keep you in control throughout.

A live Q&A session from a univeristy lecture

Creative ways of questioning

Don’t be restricted to just multiple choice polls. With FLUX you can use word clouds or free text response questions. Encourage deeper reflection and critical thinking.

A live Q&A session from a univeristy lecture

Not just a novelty,
Find lasting engagement

Offer marks for in-class participation

FLUX can export formats compatible with your LMS. This makes it quick and easy to export results into your gradebook.

Easily manage alternative assessment

Students unable to make it to class? Create an "online-only" audience in FLUX, so they can answer questions in their own time. Results can be grouped with the rest of the cohort, making marking simple.

Exporting responses for participation marks

The perfect solution
for growing class sizes

One Presentation across multiple Audiences

The same Presentation, consisting of a collection of questions, can be used across many Audiences. Results can then be aggregated together to export for easy marking.

Managing multiple student groups or \

Collaborate with your teaching team

Get the flexibility you need to manage your teaching staff. Add multiple Collaborators to each Unit. They can contribute to creating questions, and then present them in class.

Managing multiple student groups or \

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