Getting Started (Instructors)

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The following assumes you have signed up, signed in and are ready to start creating Presentations.

1. Create a Unit

1. Hit the "+ Add Unit" button on the left hand side menu.

2. Name your Unit (e.g. Engineering 101).

3. Hit "Create".

2. Create an Audience

1. Click the blue "Audiences" button and then hit the pink + button in the top right to add an "Audience".

Note, an Audience is a group of students who you teach on a re-occurring basis (e.g. Monday 10am class).

2. Name your Audience as desired, click "Create" and then note the pink 6 character "code" associated with your new Audience.

Note, this code is case-sensitive and is what students will use to join your Presentations.

3. Provide this code to students and ask them to join the Audience before coming to class.

3. Add Collaborators

1. Click the back button to return to the Unit screen.

2. Hit the green "Collaborators" button and then hit the pink + button in the top right to add a "Collaborator".

Note, a Collaborator is someone who you want to have access to edit Audiences and Presentations (e.g. a co-lecturer, tutors etc.).

3. Type your Collaborator's first name, last name or email to find them and then hit "Add".

Note, Collaborators must have signed into FLUX at least once before you will be able to add them.

4. Create a Presentation

1. Click the back button to return to the Unit screen.

2. Hit the large grey square with a + on it to add a Presentation.

A Presentation is where the magic happens. They'll contain things like your Poll questions and Q&A Activities.

3. Name your Presentation (e.g. Lecture 1) and hit "Save".

5. Add an Activity

1. Click your new pink Presentation to open the Edit screen.

2. Click the card that says "Make a Poll" and then click "Multiple Choice".

3. Type a question along with some answer options and click "Done"

Note, you can use the checkbox to the left of an answer option to mark the option as "correct" for grading.

6. Run a Presentation

1. Click the big green "Present" button in the top right corner.

2. Select the Audience you created earlier to launch the Presentation.

3. Click the link on the right to open the Student view.

You should be able to see the Presentation you just started on the Student view. Note: Students will need to follow these steps before they can see your Presentations.

7. Start a Poll

1. Click the Presentation in the Student view to join.

2. Back in the Instructor tab, click the question you created earlier to open the Poll screen.

3. Click the pink play button at the bottom of the screen to start the Poll.

4. In the Student view, you should now be able to see and respond to the poll.

Note, you should also be able to see the responses updating live in the lecturer view.

8. Ask Students to Sign In

Consider providing your students their Audience codes before class. This can be done via email or your learning management system and will save time in class.

You can also send them a link to the Getting Started (Students) page.

9. Practice Using FLUX

It can be a good idea to do a test run of the whole process before using FLUX in class. This way you can catch any speed bumps in your workflow.