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1. Ask your students to sign in using your Audience code (e.g. flux.qa/ABC123) before class

This can be done via email or your learning management system and will save you time in class. You can also send your students a link to the Getting Started (Students) page to save you having to answer questions around signing up.

2. Let students know you can see who wrote each question

When teaching a large enough class, it's inevitable that someone will abuse the privilege of anonymity. To minimise this abuse, it can be a good idea to let students know that, while their questions will be anonymous to each other, you - as an instructor - will be able to track down who said what if you need to.

3. Test-run the whole process before class

Before you run a Q&A session in your class, I recommend doing a quick run through of the whole process. That is, starting and stopping the Presentation, switching between your Presentation and FLUX and, of course, reading and checking off questions from the Q&A Activity.

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Nathan Sherburn

Nathan is a PhD Student at Monash University in Melbourne Australia. His research is focused on how polling can be used most effectively in University classes.