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Organise Alternative Assessment

If you're planning to assign marks for using FLUX, you may want to create an extra Audience for students who are unable to make it to class or participate due to technical difficulties. You can leave Presentations to this Audience open after class and grade them separately.

You can also discount the lowest 5-10 scores for each student to provide some breathing room. This helps with any personal problems that may prevent students from being able to answer every question.

Consider Participation Marks

There are a number of grading schemes you can offer when using a polling tool. I recommend offerring 5% of the overall score to participation in polls. The table below shows a rough idea of what you might expect for different marking schemes based on real-world data.

% of Subject Grade Assigned to Attempting FLUX Questions

% of Students Who Answered More Than 80% of FLUX Questions

15% * 85%

* These students were also required to answer correctly to secure the marks

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Nathan Sherburn

Nathan is a PhD Student at Monash University in Melbourne Australia. His research is focused on how polling can be used most effectively in University classes.